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Hi there, my name is Carolina Smith, I’m a professional food photographer and stylist based in Boulder, Colorado. I have more than five years of experience developing recipes and more than two working as a professional food photographer for American brands in the food and wellness space.

I am here to capture your products and bring them to life with great food photography that makes a huge difference and sparks visual interest at my studio or on location.

My past and current food photography clients include:
Grain Trust | Honey Smoked Fish | Buydeem Global | Skinny Dipped | Auntie Nono's | Wonder Press Juice | Bobo's | Red's Burritos among others.

  1. Food photography for brands, cookbooks, cafes, magazines and restaurants. You can see examples of my food photography on my food photography portfolio page.
  2. Recipe creation and development for brands in the food and wellness space.
  3. Short video format for brands looking to raise product awareness on social media.
  4. Food story telling that brings to life your products and walks your audience through the cooking process and appropriate use of your product
woman sifting flour in a fall setting

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The articles below feature examples of my food photography and recipes.

Food Photography: How does it work?

I want to ensure I have a full understanding of each client brief and brand message, so that you'll get images to attract attention from your clients and site visitors.
My approach to this is to have a consultation with each client as an opportunity for us to discuss the scope of your project.

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